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Bali Handy Guide/Buku Panduan Tentang Bali

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Bali Handy Guide


Always get the Bali Handy Guide while you in Bali.Those handy guide are Bali Plus , The Beat, Bali Advertiser, Baru di Bali Mag

( Those are the most familiar in Bali )


You could find it for free at any Restaurant, Airport, Shoping Mall,Bar, Hotels and All Circle K counter.


Bali Plus contents are calendar event in Bali and regulars event, what you should and shouldn’t do during in Bali, and other tourism or business promotional, exibition and ofcourse Bali Map


The Beat is majoring in all entertainment such as Club, Live Music, Food, Fashion and Art.This magazine will show you all refference for good Club and Restaurant around Bali.


Baru di Bali provide some article about Bali, Bali Directory such as Restaurant, Travel, Accomodation, Shopping,Property, Activities.And Other Tourism and Business Promotional.


Bali Advertiser majoring as an advertising media, mostly for expatriate.Here you will fine any Trading adv, Property adv, Job adv,Art and Cultural adv, and event garage sale adv.


Any Emergency, Consulates, Hospitals, Airlines, Transportation and other important Office Addresses and Phone Number  available at all those Handy Guide.


So, make sure you keep and bring it all around where ever you drive along Bali Island.All Handy Guide made to make you easier to discover Bali and beyond



Buku Panduan tentang Bali


Jika anda sedang berkunjung ke Bali, pastikan anda mendapatkan buku panduannya.Buku panduan itu antara lain Bali Plus, Bali Advertiser, The Beat, Baru di Bali.Ini adalah buku buku panduan yang paling populer meskipun masih banyak lagi jenisnya yang memberikan informasi tentang Bali.Semuanya bisa anda dapatkan GRATIS di counter2 Hotel, Restaurant, Airport, Tempat Perbelanjaan dan beberapa counter minimarket seperti Cicle K dan Minimart.


Bali Plus  berisi tentang informasi mengenai jadwal2 event pertunjukan ataupun kegiatan lain.Selain itu anda juga akan mendapatkan mengenai apa yang boleh dan yang tidak boleh anda lakukan selama berada di Bali. Selain itu Bali Plus juga memuat berbagai promosi wisata dan juga bisnis.Dan tentu saja anda akan mendapatkan Peta bali beserta tempat tempat penting dan wisata serta Hotel.


The Beat menyajikan berbagai informasi tentang tempat hiburan dan restaurant yang ada di seluruh Bali.Di sini anda akan mendapatkan referensi tentang di mana anda akan menghibur diri di malam hari dan di mana anda akan makan, juga beberapa informasi tentang tempat penginapan dan hotel.


Baru di Bali menampilkan beberapa artikel tentang Bali juga menyajikan informasi tentang Restaurant, Penginapan, Belanja, Property, Aktifitas Liburan.Selain itu anda juga akan menemui berbagai promosi Wisata dan Bisnis di dalamnya.


Bali Advertiser adalah media yang berfungsi sebagai media iklan di Bali yang banyak di manfaatkan oleh para Expatriate di Bali.Iklan iklan yang bisa di jumpai di dalamnya antara lain adalah iklan perdagangan, iklan property, lowongan pekerjaan, dan beberapa jenis iklan umum lainnya.


Semua Nomer Telepon dan Alamat penting yang antara lain Polisi,Hotel,Rumah Sakit, Maskapai Penerbangan, Transportasi, Konsulat,dan beberapa nomer penting lainnya bisa anda dapatkan di semua media di atas.


Jadi sempatkanlah untuk mendapatkan salah satunya dan jadikanlah liburan anda menjadi mudah selama di Bali.





Chair Couture.

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Two years ago, when I first moved into my 3rd floor apartment, I promised my roommate I would contribute a chair to our living room. I’d imagined reupholstering a beautiful antique chair in a deep purple or rich green fabric. I have since become obsessed with Chair Couture creations. Miss Margaret recycles gorgeous French antiques and turns them into modern center pieces,  featuring one-of-a-kind contemporary fabrics.



I daydream of the day I can bring home one of her art pieces. Until then, I’m searching restlessly for the perfect old chair to try my hand at reupholstering furniture.

Chobots- Hacked…*Update*

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Hey Flame here again, apparently my partner Toxic didn’t hack me out of hate. He did it because he thought I didn’t use my chobots accounts anymore which I totally understand why.

Everything was forgiven and forgotten but I still don’t have my Chobots anymore.

Now I have to try to get them back since they were banned out of a misunderstanding.


Conran sale

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Eames blue rocking chairRandom shelvingWave sideboard








The sales are now on and what better time to invest in a design or future design classic? These brilliant pieces are all in the sale at the Conran shop and can be purchased online. What’s more, you can consider them an investment as they are already classics. Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

Bed Of My Dreams

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(This is a totally frivolous post, but it’s Sunday morning, so that’s what you’re getting.)

The bed Boy and I sleep on is the bed that I have had since I was 16 years old. I got it when I got too long for the single bed my parents had purchased for me when I was 2, so when I get a bed, I make sure the thing lasts.

A while ago, Boy and I started to talk about possibly getting a new one since the rod-iron head board is kind of crappy (anytime we sit down on the bed, it clangs of the wall, to the point we’ve had to put pads and socks on it to keep it from marking the wall) and the mattress has seen better days.

But when we started talking about replacing the bed, we also started thinking about the dressers. I hate our dressers. When we got them at Ikea when we moved in together three years ago, they seemed like a good idea. They were modern-looking, they were stylish and they were, most importantly, cheap. But practically the second we got them in there, they sucked. It was hard to open them, they didn’t want to fit together and when you pulled them open, the fronts would pop off and the clothes would fall out. We still have these things, but I would ultimately much rather take an axe to their stupid, $h!tty exteriors and burn them in Boy’s father’s country firepit.

Anyway, yesterday when we were out and about in the city, we stopped by the furniture store Boy used to work at and we both kind of fell in love with a new set. We haven’t bought them yet because we’re not quite ready to drop that kind of chunk of change right now (we just finished paying for wedding stuff and Boy hasn’t dealt with the tax blow he will most certainly face when he has to deal with his first year as an independent contract worker), but we’re looking towards our anniversary in the summer as the start of  Operation: Bedroom Makeover!

So, without further ado, our prospective bedroom set:

ombedThe bed.

omnightThe beside table (we currently do not have bedside tables and use the top of the dressers which is weird and high.)

omelingerieThe lingerie chest.


The five drawer high chest or . . .omlowThe six drawer low chest. We might go with this one just because it might be nice to not have everything in the room going vertical.

It’s a ways off but the idea of change is a good one. Got anywhere in your house you want to spruce? What is it?

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