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Dupli Casa

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If you love contemporary architecture and mid-century modern furniture then the “Dupli Casa” stunning hillside home in Germany just outside Ludwigsburg may capture your heart and sense of style. The architect firm of J.Mayer H started a complete makeover in 2005 from what looked like a nice but rather mundane existing home, and transformed it into literally a work of modern architectural beauty. One feature that makes this home so visually appealing is the combination of straight horizontal lines and smooth rounded curves that seem to wrap around the landscape. I am glad to see the mid-century modern furniture that was chosen to minimally furnish the expansive rooms, and how well it compliments the feel of the home.

contemporary homes with modern furniture

chair that rocks

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here is a cool new blah blah

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This morning I got a call on my mobile: ‘Are you Chris Book?’ It was the guy delivering our other new couch.New couch

Sharing the Insanity

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Now that the “holiday season” busy-ness is over, I’m thinking about how to approach this project for the new year.  Huge gains were made in 2008 towards getting rid of the storage unit.  However it is still there, rent payments are still going out every month, and all the junk is just sitting there on the cold damp cement floor.  It is difficult (but not impossible) to get there in the winter because of the snow and ice build-up on the walkway.  One key success I had last year was getting all the big stuff moved out, so the remaining stuff is in bankers boxes or small furniture that could be moved by me alone with my car.  Many trips, but do-able without renting a truck or getting people to help me.

Therefore I see two ways to approach it.  One is to wait until the Spring thaw to get back there and continue going through boxes, throwing things out, separating things to sell or give away.  The landlord will get another 4-5 months rent out of me this way.  On the positive side it would give me a chance to focus now on reducing the stuff I have piled up here in my rented bedroom.

The other way is to just haul everything out of there and stop renting the space by the end of January.  I’ll still have to sort through the boxes, but at least I wouldn’t be wasting money on storage rent.  Not sure where I’d put it all, probably would have to talk my hosts into letting me use a corner of their basement.  I fear becoming overwhelmed by having all this junk with me in one location.  Having it stored somewhere else seems to make it easier to deal with – bringing 1 or 2 boxes back and dealing with it a little at a time.

After thinking about this dilemma for a long while, sometimes I step back mentally from it and realize how crazy it is to be in a position where I have to make these kind of choices.

Bali Dive Spot

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Bali Dive & SnorkelingSpot.


Bali provide an amazing Underawter World spread all along the coast  that can discovered by dive an snorkeling.


Menjangan Island, Menjangan Island is small island of the coast of Bali on the Northwest side that is reserved as a National Park.This island has many different points to dive from depending on the divers skill and objectives.One site includes a bed of sea snakes and residence sharks.Dramatic underwatercorals terrain highligted by thriving reefs and abundant soft corals, includes many of the more exciting.


Nusa Penida, Nusa Penida located at the south coast ofr Bali. This island is a Three sister tiny island of Bali.You will be surprised by white sandy bottom and crystal clear water and will enjoy the array of assorted fish, special sunfish and also thousand of underwater marine life.


Tulamben Shipwreck, Tulamben is beautiful solitary beach with exotic an array of marine life and underwater plant life. It’s fun dive for all types of divers.The Wreck is the U.S Liberty, a cargo ship that sunk during World War II.Now it has an abudance of corals, sponges, gorgonia,schooling of big eye travelly fish and wide array tame and friendly fish.Tulamben has distinguished it self from most other dive destinatation in Bali island making a serious, long term comitment to preserving it’s corals reef and fish life.


Sanur, Sanur site is only 2 – 18 meters depth.Here you will see stunning underwater environment, table and trophy shaped corals and sponges with thousand of colourfull fishes swimming in profusion around the reef.


Padang Bay, Padang Bay surrounded by majestic cliffs and hills, offers excelent diving with a great variety of marine life.White sandy bottom and exceptionally clear cool water with many species of hard corals, plus numerous species of soft corals, also good place to catch larger pelagics activity including sharks at relatively shallow water.


Manta Point, Manta Point located at Nusa Lembongan Island Coast.It’s like diving in a giant Aquarium to see dancing manta in their home, with dramatic underwater terrain.Larger pelagic includes manta ray, giabt travelly fish and small fieh darting all over the place.


Another dive/snorkeling spot are :

        Gili Tepekong

        Malibu Point

        Turtle Point


        Batu Aba

        Ceningan Wali

        Crystal Bay




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