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Weekly Trade Pick: Upholstered “Manhattan” Chair

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Weekly Trade Pick:

Upholstered “Manhattan” Chair by Summer Hill


How to use it:

A great chair for Traditional and Transitional styles. If covered in a light fabric with lighter leg stain, this chair could also sit in a more formal Contemporary style interior. The gracefulness of the simple, sloping lines is the main feature of this versatile chair. Use a more formal fabric (velvet, mohair, silk) for a living room or a casual fabric (chenille, corduroy, linen, cotton) for a family room.

Product description:

Exposed wood leg: Walnut stain (shown) or select from 14 other custom wood finishes.

Optional nail-head detailing

33″ seat depth

Retail Price: $3936 (base price)

JSD Price: $2835 (base price)

I hope you enjoyed this designer exclusive!

-Janelle Steinberg  BA, ASID Allied

Principal and Director of Design

J Steinberg Design

#37 SHop ‘Till You Drop

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Old is new and out is in. Gotta love the look!

Old is new and out is in. Gotta love the look!

I currently live in Austin, Texas, a city that could be easily

described as a “hippie town.” Where as the flower child skipping

down the street singling along to the music in his or her head is

a little more than i thought i bargained for, the vintage shopping

comes second to none if you know where to go. I’m gonna let you

guys in on a couple secrets:

1. don’t go vintage shopping on the drag. The clothes and

accessories aren’t that cute, and you will end up over paying.

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Some of the creepy looking

places have the best well-kept treasures and secrets!

3. Always double check your items for holes, stains, or defects.

Many vintage stores do not have a return policy.

4. Be prepared to dig. Nothing worth having isn’t worth working

Now, my top three favorite places to go:

1. Big Bertha’s Bargain Basement. Make sure you give yourself a

couple of hours to get lost in this place. A sweet connection with

Paramount studios makes for an awesome environment. They have a

great collection of both vintage clothing and home decor. Go in,

get lost in the merchandise, and get great stuff!

2. Populuxe Wearable Art Boutique. This place is so old school

that they don’t even have a website! I love going here to get

great costume jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else. From

big and gaudy to dainty and feminine, this place will have what

you want in a mixture of new and old pieces! Check it out to

accessorize yourself for your next semi formal or costume party!

3. Room Service Vinatge. This is a vintage store with a real Austin

feel. You can buy new old stuff, or try to sell them your old stuff.

They specialize in vintage furniture. Every piece in the store has a

cool story. It’s a great place to go when you have a room that needs

a new look to fit a hippie town!
Okay ya’ll…

Ready, Set, SHOP!


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Stunning living room furniture from Hulsta, for the fashion concious to make their living rooms attain a contemporary interior design. Elegant looks and fine finish with bold colors elevate your moods and make the living room furniture more exciting. You can either go for that all-black metallic look or judiciously throw in the reds and whites while still maintaining the class and elegance. The choice is yours.

art objects 55: Victorian Mahogany Chest of Drawers

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For the complete list of all art object articles on this blog, with links, go to

Perhaps because I have to deal in words to earn my living, I have never really been inclined to read up on anything to do with antiques. I enjoy having conversations on the subject, and am always avid for knowledge, but I baulk at any attempt to systematically study. Hence, for example, I know very little about the wide differences in appearance of items of mahogany furniture. I’m aware that there is typically more than one source of mahogany, and I seem to remember that Cuban and African mahogany have different colours. Mahogany furniture I believe is often stained also, and then there is the matter of the action of sunlight on the wood. The most beautiful chest of drawers I never bought (I didn’t want to pay the price) was a Georgian bow-front whose mahogany had faded to a very pale orangey-brown: this paleness I ascribe, perhaps mistakenly, to bleaching due to greater age than the typical Victorian piece. Mind you, I have a Georgian mahogany table – yet to feature on this blog – which is not pale like this – but I believe it’s had some staining.

As you see, I get a maximum 2 out of 10 for actual knowledge of the origins of differences in the  look of mahogany furniture. The piece above does satisfy my idea of the look that an antique piece of mahogany furniture should have. It tells us with confidence that it is not oak, beech, ash, satinwood and so on. I wax my furniture once in a while with beeswax, which apart from producing a lovely soft sheen, smells divine! This piece could do with a re-waxing in fact. I’ve just bought a new tin of wax, so I’ll give it a going over and then re-photograph it, to see whether the difference shows up.

As regards the piece itself, it did, as with so many of its kind, once have a back which has since been lost. Whether or not they all used to look more or less like my coiffeuse -  - I’m not sure. The feature which totally sold me on this piece was the funky extra bits sticking out at each side – something I have yet to see on another chest of drawers.

I bought this from that same town which was the source of the Persian rug featured in the last art objects post. The place it came from is a large warehouse-type of space at the extremity of the main shopping area. One of the main people renting space there is a furniture restorer, who I believe told me that he had started 20 years ago with £200 and gone from there. He is an expert craftsman, and has made his expertise pay handsomely. Like Les whom I have spoken of elsewhere, ( I like to do business with this guy, Graham, because with him you know that the price you pay is a true reflection of the value: a good piece costs, but if it isn’t quite ‘right’, (i.e. it has later additions, repairs etc) you’ll pay less. In fact I did not buy this from Graham himself, but from one of his cohorts. I remember vividly that it cost £300, which is probably £400 today (2008) given inflation in the interval. Strangely, all this furniture has fallen in price recently, and it would probably fetch little or no more than £200 today.

I’m sure I have referred more than once to the way that I was brought up to feel guilty about spending money ‘unnecessarily’. For this reason, when I first became interested in antiques, I was hobbled by a number of self-imposed restrictions – among which, the outlay which I could accept on each individual purchase without feeling too guilty to be able to make the purchase at all. I’m sure that, at the time of this chest of drawers, my biggest single outlay thus far had been no more than about £170-180. This chest was therefore in the nature of a quantum leap.

I had seen it, but not taken the plunge, and went to sit by the river with my picnic and mull over what I should do. I was not a happy bunny. Suddenly, I had a light-bulb moment: a way to get myself off the horns of an apparently irresolvable dilemma. I would toss a coin for it! And I would stick by the decision of the coin: heads I take it, tails I don’t. When my coin came down heads, I had one or two bad moments, but I was able to deal with them without too much anguish, because I would equally have walked away from the purchase if tails had come up. I have, as readers of these articles will know, become somewhat of a past-master in the art of letting the coin (i.e. universe) decide. The only stricture – which I did NOT, exceptionally, follow to the letter in the case of the ‘Victorian’ mirror is that you mustn’t cheat on the result – you must obey the decision in both directions. Otherwise, don’t start what will, after all, be a sham.

This, then, was one of my earlier purchases – not the beginning, but the second wave, during which I began to replace the bargain-basement stuff of the first wave with items more carefully (and less frugally!) chosen. Nevertheless, this piece has survived all the subsequent waves and remains in my possession. One of the main reasons for this – bearing in mind that I have since been through a chest of drawers fetish almost as severe as my chair fetish – is the functionality of this piece. The drawers have the most beautiful action: they glide as if upon greased rails. At the end of the day, for a person whose life includes, like my own, the wearing of clothes on a regular basis, the smoothness of slide of the drawers in one’s chest is a significant factor in one’s overall well-being! 

By the way, to conclude, take a look at the proportions in the width of the three rows of drawers: it’s beautifully harmonious. I do wish I had the Georgian one (not instead, but as well as the above), but that was not 3 but 4 hundred, and I never even tried to bargain on it. As I’ve said before, there’s nothing like antique collecting on a restricted budget to imprint your psyche with the reality of the limits of existence. But then there are moments, like the one where an antique middle-eastern cradle suddenly appears as it were out of nowhere at a knock-down price, which make it all worthwhile.

Auskin Terrain Area Rugs

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We are pleased to introduce Auskin Terrain Area Rugs and Runners made from the finest 100% Australian sheepskin. Terrain rugs are intricately carved, minutely stitched, and presented in four styles including Zen, Steps, Terrace, and Atrium. The collection is available in 5 different sizes ranging from 2 ft x 8 ft up to 8 ft x 11.5 ft. These beautiful rugs will accent and adorn any room with their natural luxury and soft comfort.

Please click the following link for a breathtaking slide show and then click the square in the right hand corner to view a full monitor experience:

Start Slide Show with PicLens Lite PicLens