Design A Room Online

Author: Furniture Reporter  |  Category: News

If you don’t spend the next 15 hours hooked on creating every element of the space of your dreams on this website you can’t be human. Or obsessed with pretty furniture and interior design bits and pieces like me. Which is possible… if a little sad.

Not only are all the spaces flexible with any combination of measurements and wall shapes but the furniture all comes from well known high street shops and designers and actually creates a tallied shopping list as you create.

Last night just before I went to bed, I finished putting together a potential design for a new bathroom we’re planning on building this year (not pictured). Today at work I opened it up to show my colleague and was tickled to find that during daylight hours my bathroom was showing a large patch of sunlight pouring through the window! The application appears to be time activated in that you can experience daylight and night time through windows as well as lamps and lights turning on and off! It really is brilliant.

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