A ALie Affordable removals

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Welcome to Peter’s Victorian furniture removal service. Here at this site we hope to encourage people who have used our service to post a comment to provide feedback for future clients who we hope will continue to use our affordable service and create a wealth of information for all to see. We take the stress out of moving and relieve the burden on your hip pocket to ensure a pleasant and considerate transportation of you treasured goods, your wish is basically our command.
We have a four and a half ton truck with aspirations to obtain an even bigger truck to eventually expand to interstate deliveries where we are optimistic this site will track our growth for all to witness and contribute.
Our truck has been moving friends and people around the suburbs for 7 years and is very much a part of the family as I hope you will be too…

A Alie Affordable removals…

East Melbourne VIC 3002
ph: (03) 9419 2531

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