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Life Desk

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During the earthquakes this year in china, more than a few students and other civilians were seriously injured or killed by the tables they were hiding under. Haishan Deng has a definite swipe of a solution for instances such as these. Using the physics of the “Triangle of Life” Deng presents: the “Life Desk.”

The Life Desk is open for learning during regular times, and closed for danger during times of trouble. The main structure is high strength steel and nylon board, while the side structure is molten steel molded round to disperse stress.

(via yanko)

Random Fashion Moments: 2008

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Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that whichever time zone you are in that 2009 will bring you all the joys, happiness and opportunities that you may wish for.

New Year, for some, is a time of list making: whether that might be resolutions or a mental pause to think on what you might be doing in the year ahead. With that thought I did plan on featuring what Second Life items, clothing and other avatar accoutrements had become favourites over 2008. As that could  take 365 days to do I narrowed it down a lot.  There are so many talented people out there it would be impossible to fit all of their creations into one post. So in an arbitrary way I decided on one outfit and one collection picture to sum up what 2008 has brought. Nearly all of the items shown have more meaning to me than something simply wearable or rezzable; they also represent times where I have met new people, found friends, learnt positive and constructive things, or just laughed (sometimes several weeks after) at absurd situations that only being in-world can bring.


Strawberry cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes


The choices may not capture all of the year but it sums up a lot of how I have felt in getting to know about being in-world, meeting various folk and being amazed at the generosity, patience, helpfulness and strength of creativity that exists. Both Katat0nik Pidgeon and Rouge Darcy are people I admire for their work, amongst many, many talented others, and this outfit seemed to make sense to end the year on.  The backdrop was made by 713 Ayers, artist and owner of the Axis Mundi sim and I guess if I had to choose one place that has led to meeting people and getting to know of so many other designers and creators it would be arriving at Axis that I could trace it back to.  I also had to fit Happy Mood somewhere in this because the bunnies, birds, bubbles and trees that are all part of Happy Mood are a total delight. Anything that can make you smile that much has to be a good thing.

Although some of the items here are of more recent times there are a few that date a while back, so, apologies once again, I’ve not had the time to check all prices and availability.  Where items were limited, and I’ve remember they are no longer available, I have marked them as such.


The Details:

Dress: *Katat0nik* Strawberry Dream dress  in Cornflower L$450. Bow Legwarmer Boots in White – a December group gift.

Back pack: Rebel Xtravaganza Frozen Strawberry L$100.

Skin: Skins of Delphi Peach in Aurora Pink/Green L$850.

Hair: Kin Mairi in Blue L$100.

Backdrop: Apex to Nadir (713 Ayres) Pink Cupcakes on Turquoise L$100.

Pose: Happy Mood Bubble Chair No.5 – Lucky Board item.


Random Items from 2008.

Random Items from 2008.


Some of the places mentioned below have an SLurl linked to the names, for the others please look under the ‘SLurl, etc.’ tab at the top of the page.

1. Ro.Ro Forgotten Frame.  A freebie (or it might be a L$1 item now) by Jojorunoo Runo at Moonlight Requiem. I blogged sometime ago the wearable version of the frame and I think it’s ace.  You can insert your own texture/image in this version – which is what I did. And no, I didn’t make that image (it was passed onto me) but it makes me roflmao.

2. DP YumYum – Baby Bunny from CSR Summer 2008.  Cuteness, cuteness and the first CSR that I did, which was definitely a learning experience.  *No longer available.

3. Sola Coffee Cappacino.  This is from the Sola Coffee Machine which is a cool-looking retro/bistro one L$500.  The coffee cup comes with different patterns in the foam.

4. Fade Dana – The Bride of Frankenstein helmet L$500.  Although I have blogged this already I adore the skill, effort and ingenuity that was put into making something so beautiful: my inv would be a lesser place without it there.

5.LurveBite- Toast Bread Cat Shape L$20. It’s toast and it has a happy cat face on it, instant win!

6. Pink Fuel – Bandaged Kitty Green Eyed.  Mochi Milena has definitely made a whole world of cute, these kitties I find adorable, and wearing all the possible attachment versions makes me look nuts.

7. Kurotsubaki – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland L$380.  This is just the mocked-up paperback book in the style of the whole scenery/poseable object that was made with imagery from the story (the Little Red Riding Hood version I also have). Incredibly well done and amazing to look at, I thought this was one of the highlights of the year as it combined books, storytelling and posing about.

8. Kurotsubaki strikes again.  This time it was the August group gift and the usagi charms and that vacuum flask made it perfect. *No longer available.

9. Grandma!- Table from the Showa Romantic Set L$150 (comes with chintz upholstered chairs).  Fun and retro furniture (only found by accident) at the Creators Pavilion.


Safe days and nights and here’s to a fabulous 2009!

Me likey!

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A new year calls for new furniture. And I loooooooooove this Karacoma Sofa. Seems reasonable – it’s only $14,000.

Scandinavian design by David design

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Ultra Modern Sofas from Derin Designs and Aziz Sariyer

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Derin Designs collection of modern sofas and seating is for people really serious about modern furniture design. Here we see the “Slide Two” from designer Aziz Sariyer that has a nicely proportioned asymmetrical layout, and an eye catching color combination that accentuates the lines and shape.

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