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New Furniture!

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cat1.jpgThis is just a little of the stuff, there is also lights, christmas trees, fireplaces.

What interior designers do

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I think that most people don’t really understand what a good designer actually does. It’s entails way more than placing furniture, accessories and art work to make spaces look beautiful.

A great designer knows not only how to create beautiful spaces but also how to enhance lives and experiences.

I have worked with many clients where, together, we have created a home that nurtures and enhances their lives and actually creates a lifestyle for them.

Have you ever been in a space(home, hotel, offlice or other public arena) that made you feel special and nurtured or that created a sense of joy, wonder or awe? Well, more than likely a talented and creative designer or team of designers planned and supervised the execution of that special place!

Good designers can grasp the scope and “feel” of a project and know intuitively how to proceed with planning, research and implementation to achieve the desired outcome.

The first step in a project is to interview the client to obtain as much information as possible about their desires, dreams,and way of life. At this point I will usually have developed a mental picture of the way the project will look when completed! If I don’t get this picture, then I know that I need much more info or that the project isn’t right for me. It is always in the best interest of the client to decline a job that I don’t feel an affinity for and recomend for the client to interview other designers.

The interior design profession is a hard job, but rewarding when you know you have made a positive difference on a project. I am always happy to hear that I have in some way enhanced a client’s life and exceeded their expectations!

My Bough-ery ~ Bringing Nature Indoors

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I have recently discovered This is a really fun way to shop online, save an item from a webpage without bookmarking the entire site, put your Christmas, birthday or wedding wish list on your blog or social site.

I got all excited about a beautiful bed made of branches and tried to imagine the room it would go in, which led me to wonder how many other twiggy items I could find. There are quite a few: more than I put in my Set (the official Polyvore term for a collage or dream board made on their site.)

If you are ga-ga over one of these items, you can click on the picture and be taken to the site where it is for sale. How cool is that for putting on your wedding page? Great Uncle Harry doesn’t even have to go to Bed Bath & Beyond and look up your registry items. I hate traipsing round and round the store with 14 pages of printouts in my hand, trying to find the items on the list. If I hate it, I bet your Great Uncle Harry hates it!

So here are my lovely Nature – ish finds. Enjoy!

Cheap Bedroom Furniture | Quality Bedroom Furniture

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If you are looking for cheap bedroom furniture but do not want to compromise on the quality and also would like it to be modern and contemporary furniture then you have some searching to do. Nowadays if you are looking for cheap bedroom furniture, the first place you think of is places like M** or other big retailers like A****.

Most of the time you will find that this furniture is of poor quality. You see the prices and are lured in to buying this so called cheap bedroom furniture. Most of the time you also have to wait upto 14 days for delivery as well and then on top of that you have to assemble it yourself. Not always but most of the time this is the case. Now you get the furniture out of the box and start to put it up and by the time your finished it very rarely looks like the picture showed and even if it does look anything like it then 99% of the time you will find it is very flimsy and weak. This cheap bedroom furniture is probably going to last you 6 months or a year to push it.

So now ask yourself was this really cheap furniture or has it cost you more. If you keep having to replace it then obviously it isnt cheap in cost, maybe just cheap in quality.

The best cheap bedroom furniture is what will cost less and last a long time so as not to keep on spending on the same thing.

Izzideals sell cheap bedroom furniture. Wardrobes, Chest Drawers, and Bedside cabinets etc. The difference is that this cheap bedroom furniture is only cheap in price. It is very solid built furniture. You dont have to make it yourself infact it is machine built straight from the factory. So a wardrobe that you buy will be cheap in price but at the same time it is solid. You recieve your delivery either next day or within the week usually. You get it already made, all you have to do is put your stuff into it.

Now the next time you think of buying cheap bedroom furniture make sure that cheap is just the price and not the furniture.

The Farmers Market turned Winter Market

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Yesterday morning after breakfast downtown, my husband and I stumbled into the Winter Market.  The usual gang of veggie and flower sellers weren’t there, but the coffee place was as popular as ever.  Bloomington’s market had an end-of-year hurrah by having many local artisans set up shop for the day.  There were Tuba Santas and carriage rides, even a reindeer or two! It was all very festive.

I like to check out the art to see what’s new and if anything inspires me.   I really fell for this wooden ring from Studio AMF.  She uses braille as a design element.  What a great idea!

I also stopped in at the Tatto Dreams stall.  Lots of wood items, but embellished with stamps, using letters and words –which always interests me.  I guess we didn’t spend enough time there, because I keep thinking about one of her boxes that might have been Day of the Dead inspired.  I think the chilly weather got the best of me.

Here’s are a few Bloomington pics that I took this week:


Downtown before and after:


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