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Private Places

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Every home needs a private place created for a quiet time of reading, a phone call, or just to reflect on the day, but not every home has a room to spare.  Create a private sanctuary in the corner of a bedroom, living room, den, or any space that can give you a little time away from the activity of daily family life.  This can be done simply by placing a chair and small table in the corner of the room and adding a table lamp for soft relaxed lighting or a vase for flowers.  Take time out of your busy day to enjoy time by yourself in a beautiful space designed just for you.

Williams & Martel Home Furnishings imports a variety of beautiful home accent pieces that can help you create your own private get away.  From cherry cricket tables and chairs to small painted dressers, we can help you design a space that you can truly call your own.


To view the collection or for purchase inquiries, please contact: or


vintage file cabinets.

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Laura found these file cabinets on Cragslist. I didn’t know how they would fit in our living room but she turned them into a great bench. Charlie is still getting used to it but it is fancy!

Novo pin e Catalogo de Moveis

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Ta ta ta, eu sei que essa disgraça ta atrasada (só 1 dia)

Aqui ta o pin:

Tá no Boiller Room


E aqui o novo catalogo com algumas coisa do Coffee Shop:



By: Kazu


Obs: Daqui a pouco vo procura um admin pro blog e nem  adianta manda e-mail

New Furniture Catalog & Pin

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Sorry for posting this late, but my internet was disconnected.

The new furniture catalog was released yesterday, so was the new pin.

New Items:
Pizza Oven-850 coins
Barbecue-450 coins
Corner Booth Seat-700 coins
Straight Booth Seat-400 coins
Coffee Couch-500 coins
Stainless Steel Stove-700 coins
Stainless Steel Fridge-750 coins
Pantry-410 coins
Coffee Table-250 coins
Kitchen Sink-380 coins
Coffee Maker-360 coins

The new pin is in the Boiler Room.

Keep Waddling,

Grizzle Man

Wicker Furniture

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The green acacia, which was not treated in some way, is employed to make the simple baskets and covers for pots of factory. The acacia of refining which the bark was removed, is the so-called white acacia – expose to the sun, on which it is dried, gives him the characteristic gold color. If the believed acacia is boiled, then its whitewood changes the color into various nuances of the red, like result of the influence of the dyes of the bark.
It was right then when the matters the most former employees by the human kind were again discovered for the use to conceive and struck the living rooms. They on the also become subjects of the aesthetic experiments. Most attractive seems to connect the soft and flexible acacia to hard metal. The plastic acacia was also employed with the production of pieces of furniture which were mainly made of foam out of rubber and other flexible materials. Gio Ponti, one of the originators of Italy ahead, copied the shape of chair used generally, employed by the fishermen, additional with him wove only the seat. In this way one of the most famous pieces of furniture of the Fifties was created.

Cane against the acacia

Unfortunately, although the woven products are very popular nowadays on the whole word (we know about it because the fashion of the cane pieces of furniture also reached our country, lining up simple compartments and the armchairs with the continuations sublimated of room to sleep and living room) our originators still do not employ the acacia while it deserves to be employed. Recently, foreign and expensive cane had gained with the acacia with its modern design of the forms, the variety of Hades, connections interesting with wood, metal and fabric. For the acacia it is very difficult to reach living rooms because insofar as they even now did not strike the pieces of furniture make shopping.

Among few pieces of furniture offered most interesting are the models of the half-round backs of seat, open-work or in mass woven. They can be accompanied by a tiny, round or square table, and piles of various sizes or a trunk with the back of open-work seat pretending a sofa. The products of the best acacia fill of the goals of in love animals. They vigorous a great choice of the baskets and beds for the dogs, even largest, as well as the establishments refined for cats, camps and drivers for small birds.

The traditional shapes of pieces of beautiful furniture can still gain. If the wicker chairs are placed beside the table with a desktop machine out of glass or of marble on made worked iron legs, they will create a new context thus they will not join the garden chairs. The same interesting one will contrast the fronts in wicker of the compartments with silver plated flies of the sink, the gutters and the cooker. We will probably not find all the articles to provide the Real Estate Realtor in the store of acacia, but there are as well small products as we will not have any problem with choosing something for each one of the room. Employing only accents of the presence of acacia in all the part we can create the pleasant climate in the flat whole. Fronts of the compartments, small baskets for the fruit and bakery, the clothes hanger in the corridor, armchairs comfortable in the living room, and room to be slept I recommend the screen in wicker,

Ffor the person creator spirit who like regenerating arrangement their apartment, acacia to give true a chance to show upwards with little cost. Thanks to the simple actions we can arrange interiors according to the season or our mood. It is enough to change fabric on the cushions on the seats into wicker and the same fabric blow in the windows and to put the sofa above. In autumn and winter we recommend to employ thick and closely dependent fabrics, for example velvets in hot and rich colors. For the best summer will be the muslins and the banner modelled.

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