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Furniture Catalog Secrets&Upcomings

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I know these are a little late but I just started the site and trying to post as much as I can :]

Click on the upright piano to get the guitar stand.

Click on the Coffee Shop Tree for the Vegtable Garden.


Click on the branches of the Palm Trees for the Flower Planter.(sorry if it’s blurry)


Click on the sea weed for the clam.


I hope that that’s all cause that’s all I found.

Here are the upcoming things on Club Penguin:

A few days ago they declared a new level for a game.Here is the clue:

But now we finally know that it’s for AQUA GRABBER!!On August 5th, the vessel will be grabbing many valuable gems other than pearls and venturing far deeper under the surface to face many new, unfriendly sea creatures. New divers are also needed to clean up an accidental cream soda spill.

Team Blue’s Rally will be back at the Stage on August 8th. This time, they’ll be facing Team Red!

Here’s the new clothing catalog sneak peak:

The ‘Best Ways to Earn Coins’ Tip in the newspaper is by Happy77, who was/is a CP Moderator.I don’t think that’s true though cause I have a hard time with that game.The best way to earn coins for me is DJ3K.

YAY!Second update!I am soooo proud of myself for actually making this site.

And I feel like crying right now cause I’m so scared of another earthquake and Pengooey227 didn’t come over today and his mom has been saying “tomorow” over again and he never comes.He comes like everyday but some reason isn’t.

I’m also deleting all my friends I don’t know on CP to add all my fans(if I have any) so add me up if you find me.I usually go to Yeti and Deep Snow.




Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet with Bedding

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Click here to view larger image

This is the PERFECT bassinet (Too bad I already have all of my furniture! I think my husband would be mad if I purchased ANOTHER bassinet! LOL) To me, it screams “Princess” or “Prince” I have been spending my days of maternity leave searching the internet. Believe it or not, I get a ton of questions from people asking about some of the things that I have found so I figured I would blog about this too! I really appreciate the fact that it is oval (Because it’s rather unique) and it also comes with the bedding set (Which includes the skirt, dust ruffle, fitted sheet and drape material)

Who can beat $5 shipping?

Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet, Cherry with White Eyelet Bedding at Bellacroft

I want that…

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A friend of mine stumbled across a post on

i don't care if it is stable. it is genius.

i don't care if it is stable. it is genius.

and I think it would go along nicely with my Abracadabra duo:

Abracadabra and His Worm-an Assistant

Abracadabra and His Worm-an Assistant

Yes, please!

Decorating with Curly Wurly Gurly!

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A few months ago, I redid my living room.  I purchased a few bookshelves from IKEA and replaced the hardware with some red “coral” knobs from Anthropologie to brighten it up.  I sent pictures to a website about customizing IKEA furniture and today they featured my idea! 

Here’s the link to my original post and here’s the link the Ikea Hacker page.  Below is a picture of the wall unit Husbandito and I constructed from three Ikea bookshelves with upgrades of door panels and the nifty knobs.

ASH STYLE shopping district OPENING SALE

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Hello, everyone.
I’m owner of nail salon =Love Magic=.
I would like to express my thanks for your loyal patronage.

ASH STYLE shopping district opens August 1. It has about 40shops.
We establish a branch there.

OPENING SALE PDT?7/31 AM8:00 – 8/3 AM8:00

My sale item is an existing article. (vary from day to day)
The each sale item’s special price is L$39.
*The price is only ASH STYLE shopping district branch.

I look forward to your shopping with us ;)

nail salon =Love Magic=????????????????????ASH STYLE shopping district?

8/1 ??????????????

*????ASH STYLE shopping district?????????

DJ Live with ukishima Jun ? 8/1 23?00??
?????? ? 8/1 24?00 ????


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