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A noble title. Sort of.

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Ok just a quick, immature, infantile, profane, and and off color bit of what passes for humor in my sick little head.  Reverent and mature people: you have been warned.  You should probably stop reading here.  Or, if you want to pass this off as intellectual you can be fascinated by how the meanings of words and slang change over the years till a honorable family name becomes puerile humor.

This is, I am not joking, a furniture store near my house…

And you know what is creeper than it being called Badcock?  Its called BADCOCK AND MORE.  Its the more that really scared me.  I dare anyone to call 1-800-BADCOCK and see if is the number for this store.  It is, however, a real name. Here is the family crest…

Medieval spelling was un-codified so people just sort wrote things as best they could. As such the Badcock name is a variation of Babcock. You probably haven’t heard of Babcock and Wilcox, but they are famous boil makers.  They made every boiler in every steam ship the Navy made in WWII.  They also make reactors, such as the one in 3-mile Island.

Still.  “Badcock and More” makes me chuckle.

Some furniture just for fun (?)

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A következ?kben pár érdekes, meredek, mondhatni furcsán ‘romantikus’ alkalmatosságot veszek górcs? alá.

Ízelít?nek ím a könyvmolyoknak kedvesked?, bevezetend? multifunkcionális ül?hely.

Hm, I like it.

Read more…

How to make the home office comfortable and efficient

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Own a home business or at least like to have a room just for office? There are tips I have learned and like to share.

Don’t make the room strictly like an office, just have office table, chair, bookshelf and ect. Have you ever thought to have a nap after lunch break? Here you go. A nice and comfort sofa would make the room not just a place to work also a place to relax. Maybe a TV if you like TV breaks.

It’s time to have simple table and chair, with no drawers. That could make the room look more spacious and make you feel the space more open. Use rolling file cabinet instead of drawers.

Keep things organized. Tray would one of the many ways to do the work, easy to move and stack.

Paint the room with neutral color, edgecomb gray for instance, and adjust furniture and cabinets same color or close.

A big sunny window will be a plus. Who does not want to have window office? You don’t want hide youself within cubicles, dark and depressing, right?

Anyway, so much for now.

Friday Favorites – Silver Grey

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Felted Wool Cable Rugs at West Elm | the Mansfield Lounge Chair at Crate&Barrel | Fibonacci Collection Signature Brooch by Lisa Wigger of LeeLoo Studio | the Treesje Duchess at Piperlime | Origami Stripe Shirt at the Top Shop | handmade Black Mission Fig Soap at Pina Zangaro cd case at Blick Art Stores | Garland Covers at Anthropologie

Fab-Slab’s first kitchen countertops delivered and installed!

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Jim Ojamaa and I delivered our first kitchen countertop suite today.
Both Jim and I were nervous, hoping we had thought of every fabrication detail and finish detail.
The fitment turned out beautifully, the surfaces sumptuous and unusual… we are very pleased with the outcome!
These pictures were been taken prior to artist Toni De Lisa, of the Pampered Wall doing her magic to these kitchen walls as she has to every room in the rentals. We know the the countertop colors will fit in beautifully with her artistic touch, the stainless sink, fridge, and stove.
The apartment will be a short term rental in the Grove Park area of Asheville, for vacationers looking to take in the wonders of Asheville, while nesting in the intimacy of a charmed artistic home base.
Many thanks to David Madera for believing in Fab-Slab enough to sail with us on our maiden voyage.

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